Flexible construction adjudication services

The adjudication process, although considered less costly than arbitration or litigation, it is not without significant costs, including  your appointed consultant's or solicitor's fees. We therefore offer the options below, which minimise your overall or upfront costs, depending on the nature and complexity of your claim.

Option 1

 Adjudication at a fixed price starting from £4,900+VAT

  • We can offer a fixed price for representing you throughout the adjudication process, starting from £4,900+VAT for simple claims

  • A simple claim could be a default payment notice or retention release where all defects are corrected or a single variation under the contract

  • This option provides certainty and control over representation costs throughout the adjudication

Option 2

 No win no fee adjudication 

  • Following assessment of your claim, we can offer our services on a "no win no fee" basis

  • This means that we do not get paid unless the claim is successful 

  • With this option, we share the risk with you, and we get paid for our services after you get paid 

  • Every case is different and this option is subject to our initial assessment which is provided under an agreed cost basis

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