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Legacy construction claims' recovery

When construction companies become insolvent, Insolvency Practitioners (“IPs”) quite often have to balance their efforts to maximize returns to creditors against compliance with their statutory duties. Avoiding financial risk, which usually pertains to consultancy/legal fees, can lead to significant under-recovery, or no recovery at all, of legacy claims.

Recovery with minimum risk and with total control – tailored to suit the IPs’ statutory obligations

Our solution is recovery of the claimed sums on your behalf in full regulatory compliance. We work with you and under your control,  – all you have to do is to provide us with the information (or access to) and your approval when required.

Coming from a quantity surveying background, we have extensive experience in construction contracts and dispute resolution. Our first step is to assess the entitlement and the chances of success; as a matter of priority, we seek amicable resolution, where possible.

Successful track record

We have a proven track record of successful recoveries on behalf of contractors and IPs, in relation to complex legacy claims. When construction companies become insolvent, payment of work executed and release of retentions are usually resisted by clients, not always on valid contractual reasons; we always strive to demonstrate to the other party the merits of our client's case before the dispute resolution process commences.

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